Tuesday, 25 October 2016


A site dedicated to the disclosing of information based on an alternative world view recognizing the occult (hidden) forces that have controlled humanity since time immemorial. We are here to expose the globalist agenda, and fight the war being raged on consciousness via the sharing of data, knowledge and information.
By bringing to the surface that which had been hidden and by adopting the unifying principles of the ancient hermetic wisdom, the
se teachings can be put in to action in order to manifest real tangible change in the world.  We wish to empower you to take back your own mind from the control system, and instead learn how to be a free-thinker. 

The bombardment of mind-control from cradle to grave has made us forget the true nature of our selves. We are not our ego's, nor our bodies, nor even our minds. We are our infinite spirits. We are all creators forgetful of our crafts. We are searchers and re-searchers. Magicians & sorcerers. We a
re authors, inventors, artists, musicians, performers - and at our most base level we are infinite consciousness. 

"We are all that is, ever has been, and ever will be - we are infinite awareness"

David Icke.

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