We seek to expose the illegitimate New World Order, and its web of lies and deception. We reject this corrupt governmental power structure and its totalitarian regime. There is no justice within the judicial system. The law is failing the very people it was supposedly designed to protect. We are anarchists, and will no longer bow to external masters of any kind. As Sovereign beings we oppose slavery in all its forms. The very concept of authority needs to go. We are all equal (we are not all the same). Man-made laws are an illusion. We demand our free-born individual rights and freedoms as bestowed by the creator, and that these are equal and governed by the one true Natural Law.

e embrace our superficial differences as we understand that at our core we are infinite awareness. We serve no single group or affiliation. We serve nothing and no-one but truth. We are here to remind people of their divine nature. That we are all connected. We are all one. And ultimately we seek to lift the burden of slavery based mind-control by unveiling that which has been hidden. And we usher in a new era: a Golden Age of enhanced spiritual awareness, raised consciousness, and unimaginable abundance for all. 

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